ICO Round Finishes:

ArtOnes – The New Model For Investing in Art

Adaptation of Blockchain Technology to Fine Art


Preserving value of art needs traceability; Blockchain as a decentralized ledger enables certification, trust and security like never before.


Any website or platform that trades art as well as every artist or gallery will all be able to aquire ArtOnes Tokens to handle transactions – even on smartphones.


ArtOnes are used as a basic crypto currency in the trading of artworks in virtual galleries, on web sites as well as in brick and mortar galleries.


The ArtOnes ecosystem introduces “Art-Value”, a unique valuation system that allots value to artworks independently of any currencies, tokens, market fluctuations and exchanges.

The Company recognizes the power of the blockchain and its ability to create unprecedented value in the art industry.

Creating Mediums For Artists and Art Investors
Providing authentication and valuation of Art
Enabling a transacitional medium for buyers and sellers of art
Promoting new artists and their works.


Value Proposition

ArtOnes is a truly decentralized art platform, designed to enable a transparent and seamless means of interaction with art industry participants. The platform facilitates the trading and other interactions related to artwork in all mediums. It consolidates marketing and sales efforts into one central art platform, driven by our proprietry ArtOnes BP blockchain technology.

I am pleased to welcome you to the ArtOnes platform.

As many of you know, I have spent my entire career in the art world and with that have been able to meet wonderful people, whose vision has been to expand access to the arts. In most cases however there has been an economic barrier to entry for those who want to be recognized for their works and for those who, if it weren’t for the eclectic nature of art collecting, may have found works that were both unique and affordable.

Well after years of building my relationships, I have now with the help of a great team and new technologies, been able to create a medium where artists, art collectors and art investors can converge to conduct business, interact with artists and support groups to provide a truly decentralized and dedicated art platform, ArtOnes.

The White Paper you are receiving is intended to describe our plans in a clearly business fashion. There is much more to this project than the profits that will surely accrue to all participants. For me, ArtOnes represents the culmination of a lifetime of work, dedicated to publishing great works of art whether created by well-known and recognized artists or by those who are waiting to be found. Art evolves and is a representation of things that occur daily in our lives. It must therefore have the heartbeat of current emotions and temperaments. It must be open to capturing new thoughts and images and convey them to a broad audience. This has been the Achilles Heel of the art industry for years, however with the introduction of ARTOnes, it is my sincere belief that the art world will open up to much larger audiences and that there will be incredible value creation maturing from our goals.

I would encourage you to read our White Paper and embrace, as I have, our concept of a decentralized art community facilitated by new technologies and individuals from all facets of this industry who have years of experience from which we can draw upon.


Frans Wynans — CEO and Founder